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Can I divide hibiscus plants?

My wife and I started a hibisus plant from a nursery 3 seasons ago. It started out great and has only gotten better.....maybe a little too better. Began with one shoot and flowered tremendously. Now we have 7 shoots from the same plant. It's kind of taking over its space. Can I divide this plant?

Can I divide hibiscus plants?
There are many different types of hibiscus. Some are tropical shrubs/trees %26amp; some are semi-hardy plants that act as root perenials.

The shrub/tree types you will have to take cuttings of. It is easy.

The root perennial type can be grown from seed or you can carefully divide the roots in the spring after they initiate growth.

Good luck.
Reply:That's how Hibiscus grow. They are a bush. They get huge here. I cut mine back. They like it. You can cut it back as much as you want and shape it how you want and it will bush out and grow lovely. You can make cuttings from the clippings by stripping all the green off, putting them in a bucket of water (I set them in a dark place like we do Poinsettias, but you don't have to) until new growth or roots appear and then plant. Cut at a slant on the bush and then cut the clipping straight across. Get a bottle of "Super Thrive". It's the greatest stuff in the world.....little tiny bottle, $10.00, goes along way. Use it on everything. Read the bottle. P.S. This is not a delicate plant. You can't ruin it.
Reply:No. It does not divide.

Take a shoot or a cutting.

They are fairly inexpensive plants and you can buy small ones for about $1.50.

They are easy to grow and will grow faster the older they get and the more water they get.
Reply:Hibiscus grows naturally as a shrub, but is trained in nurseries to grow as a standard (it has been pleached to form a trunk and canopy). So, yes, this plant can be divided. Wait until the plant has no flowers on it, and carefully remove the rootball as a whole from the container. Chances are, the plant has become rootbound (the roots are densely matted together and will form the shape of the container). Begin by unwinding the roots without breaking any if possible, this will help you to see where the shoots are coming from. Depending on the point of growth from the shoots (if it is from above or beneath the crown of the plant) you can place the trowel at the point of division and make a clean cut into the root system.

Replant your divisions, and the original plant, in a good quality potting soil (peat, vermiculite and perlite) and water well.

Reply:you can trim it back , then take those clipped pieces , about 6" long and wet and dip in rooting hormone powder and insert in potting soil . keep moist , and in a month or so you should see new growth, and plant away. I dont think you can divide the plant without killing it

My Hibiscus plant got infected with a spiky growth on the stem and finally died..What could this be?

The growth is velvetty, moss like and yellow in colour. It also infected the hibiscus plant that was kept next to it but not the other plants. I am inerested in preferrably a herbal solution to this problem.

My Hibiscus plant got infected with a spiky growth on the stem and finally died..What could this be?
Here are a couple web sites that might help you.

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Why won't my hibiscus grow flowers?

My girlfriend has had this hibiscus tree for a few years now, and last year, it had one flower on it. The previous 3 years, and this year, there aren't any flowers, much to her dismay. We have it in a 10" pot in our house (landlord does not allow us to plant it in the yard). The plant is watered daily, sits next to a window, gets plenty of fresh air and is loved well! Are there any tips to get the plant to flower and brighten our day?

Why won't my hibiscus grow flowers?
This page should answer many, if not all, of your questions. If your not fertilizing that's probably the problem. Check out the page and see if it helps.

I just bought a beautiful hibiscus for my yard.

Good Luck!

Jill Marie
Reply:First off, please stop watering it daily!!!

Its roots are slowly rotting!

Water it when the soil is dry when you scoop up a small handful and actually feel it.

Instead mist the plant to keep the humidity up.

Water weekly and fertilize during the spring and summer growing season only.

No fertilizer in fall and winter

If you can, you might want to buy a grow light to extend its days a little in the winter month, but it usually isn't necessary.

Really, just stop watering quite so much, and good luck
Reply:sorry, but unlees temps are in the 8os in your house everyday it wont flower. it thinks it is winter and is dormat. it is natural not to flower indoors. if you cant plant it outside can you put it in a pot at least. needs plant food too.
Reply:It's probably getting too much water and not enough light. Hibiscus like full sun!
Reply:Not enough light is your problem. Hibiscus need full sun most of the day.
Reply:gotta spray the leaves w/ water .. often light spray..

My hibiscus plants look dead on top but are growing leaves on the bottom what should i do?

all the growth is coming from the botom of the oplant and all th branches that are long look dead should i cut off the dead looking branches?

My hibiscus plants look dead on top but are growing leaves on the bottom what should i do?
Hibiscus grow all new stems/branches each year. Once the plant is completely dormant in the fall, it's OK to cut back the dried up dead branches.

If the new shoots and leaves have to fight their way past the dead stalks they will have a more difficult time getting established. You can still cut away the dead stalks from last year, and allow the young growth to flourish.
Reply:Trim the dead parts.
Reply:yes. if you don't cut the dead branches off of it, the plant will be smaller and won't grow as good for the following years. it's the same for all plants. you should cut the dead branches off as soon as the snow has melted around when spring is coming but not quite yet.
Reply:There are 2 kinds of hibiscus. There's the bush type called the Rose of Sharon (usually bluish/gray), and this grows like a bush, and flowers from the old stems. Then there's the type with huge red, white or pink flowers. This type dies to the ground every fall, and sends up new stems in the spring. So if it's the second type, then cut off the old dead stalk and let the new ones grow. The old stalk won't flower again. And be sure to fertilize!
Reply:Sure cut or break the dead parts.
Reply:i would only cut off a little piece of what looks dead... if it's dead and dry on the inside, go ahead and cut it. if it's wet, and has a little green along to inside edge of the branch, then leave it there and watch it for the next few months.

Can hibiscus planted near my home cause my slab to crack? There is a section of kitchen with hollow tile.?

Can I claim this damage on a Travelers Home insurance policy in Texas?

Can hibiscus planted near my home cause my slab to crack? There is a section of kitchen with hollow tile.?
A Flower ? Hibiscus ? I guess NOT because its not a really huge and strong plant. Try to observed other plants...
Reply:What's your deductable? What's the cost to replace the slab?

Like any insurance once you make the claim you run the risk of A getting hiked or B getting canceled.

What's it worth if it does cover the problem???? What's the cost if it doesn't????

I have a new 10'' Hibiscus Spiral tree and the leaves are turing Yellow and Falling off?

On the tag it reads LIght: Sun to partial shade and it is a sunny and pm shady area.

I have a new 10'' Hibiscus Spiral tree and the leaves are turing Yellow and Falling off?
put it in the shade, especially in the afternoon, if the leaves are turning yellow, you have overwatered it, Can it drain properly, are there holes in the bottom of the pot? If the water cant drain hten it will sit on the roots of the plant and rot them, which in turn makes the leaves yellow. Put it in the shade and dont water it for a couple of days, hope this helps
Reply:You say it is new - and it could just be thaht your plant is adjusting to the new home and conditions. So providing you have followed all the instructions, just give it a bit of time to settle.

Plants are more sensitive than we think!!

I love Hibiscus plants and usually they behave, but one of mine had a similar problem to yours - I had recently repotted it, and I think it was re-adjusting to its new home.

I also wondered if the air was too hot and dry where it was and so moved it into a different place.

If only they could talk!!

You could try talking to your plant, reassuring it that you like it a lot and welcoming it to your home....(probably best to do this when you are in the house on your own)

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What are the raised, brown, shell-like spots on my Hibiscus stems and what can I do about them?

The plants were bought and planted in South Texas three weeks ago. There are ants nearby and occasionally on the plants themselves. I am familiar with most plant parasites and have not seen this particular symptom before. The plants do not seem to be dying yet, but are definitely slowing in their growth process. When I pick at the spots, they come off, and are empty, like shells. HELP!!!!!

What are the raised, brown, shell-like spots on my Hibiscus stems and what can I do about them?
Those are scales. You need to go to your local Greenhouse/Garden Center and get an all-purpose insecticide. iBomb is a great brand...especially if the plants are outdoors. HouseSafe is a great brand for indoor use. Spray the plant thoroughly making sure to get the under-sides of the leaves. Monitor the plant and if the infestation hasn't improved spray again in 7-10 days from first spray. Continue this pattern until infestation is cleared up.
Reply:insecticides with soap and permethrins are good but the problem with scales is that they are well protected like little tanks-you can manually scrape off as much as you can also and spray the rest after that.
Reply:Iamthere2 gave good info. FYI - They are and insect and although they don't seem to move, they spread like crazy. Keep the infected plants away from your other plants!

If I am not mistaken, the ants may herd them as they do aphids.